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Keyword Research.


Keywords are the backbone of any successful PPC campaign. If you do not have access to relevant keywords, you will lose out on a ton of conversion opportunities.


Let me do the research for you and then send you a spreadsheet which includes all the top keywords that are guaranteed to provide results for your campaign. I will research keyword competition, the number of monthly searches, and the average CPC value, to make sure you are targeting keywords that bring traffic and results.


  • No need for any technical skills or complicated software.
  • I will find the most profitable keywords and set up your PPC campaign.
  • On-page SEO optimization for all your landing pages (optional).


Landing Page Design.


I have been designing professional landing pages for over 10 years. I will create a custom landing page that is guaranteed to turn many of your website visitors into repeat customers.


My landing pages are designed with conversions in mind. I will make sure that the layout and design are perfect for your business, using your company's color scheme and fonts.


  • Attention grabbing headlines, compelling value propositions, persuasive calls to action.
  • Responsive landing pages, which look great on any device and are optimized for speed.
  • Seamless website integration, using the business logo, colors, etc.


PPC Account Management.


It takes a lot of time and experience to manage a PPC campaign properly. Let me do the hard part, helping you improve conversion rates, lowering costs, and boosting profits.


I am a Google Ads expert, and have been managing PPC campaigns for more than a decade now. I know what works and what doesn't, so I can optimize your PPC campaigns, helping you reach the desired goals.


  • Let me take care of your PPC account and watch your profits skyrocket.
  • I specialize in taking over accounts that are not performing well and turning them around.
  • I have been working with small-business owners, large corporations, and everything in between.


Conversion Reports.


Get simple, easy to understand monthly reports that are based on your PPC campaign data. See how your account is performing, discover the most profitable ads, and more.


When you are faced with constant changes to Google's Quality Score and the never-ending ads bidding wars, it can be quite hard to keep up. With my conversion report, you will be able to focus on what is working and stop worrying about the technical aspects of your PPC campaign.


  • Understand, fix, and then optimize your PPC-based conversion funnel.
  • Discover which words and phrases convert the most and which don't.
  • All my reports include your top 5 competitors' data as well.


One-on-One Digital Marketing Training.


Are you struggling to grow your business? Let me diagnose your current online marketing and SEO strategies, and then show you how to improve them.


Learn the marketing skills you need to attract the right customers, and then make them return for more. I offer personalized, one-on-one digital marketing training services that have been designed with small-business owners in mind. I will use the 3-hour training session to teach you everything you need to know about search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more.


  • Discover how to increase online visibility and drive traffic to your website.
  • Learn how to market your products and services online without breaking the bank.
  • Use some of the most powerful online marketing tools in the world for free - legally!


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