With literally millions of websites out there, it can be difficult to capture your audience's attention. Studies show that the average Internet user will only spend around 28 seconds looking at a website before bouncing off again. So, how do you keep people on your website for longer? Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this goal.

1. Use high-quality website copy.

The copy you write for your website should be attractive and relevant to the visitors. By reading your content, people should be able to understand what your business is all about, and what they should do after they have arrived at your site.

Unfortunately, a large number of visitors will just skim through the text. It is up to you to ensure that your copy holds people's attention and guides them towards your next objective. So, give away a lot of value; offer fantastic content without asking for anything in return. Don't gate any of your content; give the visitors the option to subscribe to your newsletter willingly, simply because they are eager to read more of your exclusive content.

2. Keep the site design as simple as possible.

Your website design doesn't have to be complicated. A simple, straightforward design will lead to less confusion, increasing the number of conversions. Less is more when it comes to website design, and everything your visitors may need shouldn't be more than a mouse click away. Use simple, clearly labeled site menu entries such as "Home", "Store", "Blog", "Contact".

3. Make sure your website pages load really fast.

A recent study found that over 50% of people abandon the sites that need more than three seconds to load. Additionally, your website's loading speed influences the way people perceive your brand, and how they engage with your site.

A slow website will turn visitors away; if it takes too long to load, it will be seen as unreliable, and thus not worthy of their trust. On the other hand, when pages load quickly, user experience improves, so people will gladly spend more time on that particular site.

4. Use high-quality design elements and images.

When people see a website for the first time, certain elements can immediately catch their attention. Color is one of these factors, for example. Bright, pleasant colors found in beautiful photography are a powerful way to instantly convey positive feelings, convincing people to explore the site further. Ensure that your colors work great for both mobile devices and desktop computers, though. You want to provide a consistent experience across all screens.

5. Post fresh content regularly.

If you want to keep website visitors on your site, you need to create fresh content regularly. Sites that are consistently being updated rank higher in the search engines in comparison with static sites. By adding new content regularly, you will offer high-quality industry-related information and news, and this will make people return to your site.

Create blog posts, videos, and even podcast episodes on a regular basis. Always give people what they want; if you don't post great content regularly, you won't be able to capture their attention for longer periods of time.

6. Make sure everyone can access your website.

Always make sure your site is as usable and accessible as possible. If the website has some coding errors and/or can't be viewed using certain browsers, you will lose visitors, and therefore sales. Very few people will go through the trouble of choosing another browser just to use your site.




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